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Meetings 2015

Tuesday 9 Feb 2016: Noteworthy stocks and other parameters

The regular meeting on Tuesday 9 February is at the Melbourne PC User Group headquarters at 10.30 am (location details as for Melb PC monthly meetings, 479 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin).

Please see the Home Page for more details.

December 2015: Action Planning from Calendar Year End Roundup of Indices, Sectors and Stocks

With the end of the calendar year, a roundup of indices (international and Australian), sectors and stocks was discussed. The comparative performance along with forecast predictions forms a platform for consideration of the performance of your own portfolio. Indices, sectors and stock which have varied significantly from the average were considered as to their possible role in an action plan for 1916. Variables for possible use in an action plan will formed part of the discussion.

November 2015: Selective Investing Information Sources

Reports from selective investing information sources, both paid and free, were discussed. Sample reports from the Eureka Report, Marcus Padley, Colin Twiggs Incredible Charts, The Bull, Morningstar and Hotcopper were available at meeting and Stocks-in-Value was also be considered. Selected extracts from the reports were used to consider current market factors.

Technical analysis was used to define current trends in stock markets, sectors and individual stocks. A major factor in these considerations was the time frame to define the trend. By comparison across markets, sectors and individual stocks the impact of the variables may be seen.

September 2015: Performing Stocks in the Current Market

Recent movements in World Stock Markets were discussed as the question to consider was “What Next” ? Relative movements in the Australian dollar will also formed part of the discussion.

Those stocks that are performing in the current market were discussed along with their their attributes and sectors.

May 2015: Exchange Traded Funds

May 2015: Exchange Traded funds was the main topic for the meeting. Do exchange traded funds have a place in a balanced portfolio? What are the factors that may be considered in determining the performance and value of an exchange trade funds. What funds have outperformed in recent times?

April 2015: Actions Following a Major Daily Share Price Change

Actions following a major daily share price change was the main topic for the meeting. A number of “mainstream” shares had undergone major price changes (greater than 20%) both up (TPM, RCG) and down (SRX) in recent weeks, generally following announcements. The cause of the change along with subsequent price movements were considered in deciding general possible actions to take following these large price changes.

March 2015: Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction was the topic of the meeting. The topic wasdiscussed from the perspective of a “Buy Policy” and a “Sell Policy” Possible policies were considered with back testing being used to show the outcome for a Portfolio of some of the policy decisions.

The main topic for the meeting was market trends in 2015. Trends from the main sectors and indices in the calendar year to date were discussed. Major factors influencing the market were considered.

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